Örebro is a city in central Sweden, featured in the Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia expansion.

Features Edit

The city is divided into two parts. An IKA depot is in the southern part, while BHV, Nordic Crown and Norrsken have depots in the northern part.

Trucking facilities are also concentrated in the northern sector, including a garage, a hotel and a service shop. Meanwhile, there are several gas stations in or around the city, with one present in the southern sector near the IKA depot.

Connections Edit

  • The E18 and E20 Euroroutes have a shared section of highway near Örebro.
  • A minor road branches off the E20 just to the south of Örebro and heads straight to Linköping. Truckers going to Kalmar may also find this road more direct than following the Euroroutes.

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