The Autoroute A10 in France is a highway featured in Euro Truck Simulator (ETS 1) and Euro Truck Simulator 2: Vive la France! (ETS 2 VLF). It mainly connects Paris, the French capital, and Bordeaux, a major regional city in southwestern France.

It is part of Euroroute E05, as seen on signs visible in the games.

ETS 1 Edit

The A10 in ETS 1 is a simple but long highway, branching the main road out of Paris towards Lyon. Because of its length, three gas stations (all with resting facilities) are provided along the way.

Compared with the main road it branches from (a.k.a. Autoroute A6), the A10 is less twisty and even features a section with coastal scenery.

The Autoroute A63 continues from the A10 after Bordeaux, and eventually reaches the Spanish border.

ETS 2 Edit

The A10 wasn't present initially in Euro Truck Simulator 2, because the region along it wasn't rendered. However, the Vive la France DLC, which features most of France not included in the base game, re-features this road.

As there are more connection roads and cities along the way, the number of junctions on the A10 also increased.  Still, A10 passes no significant in-game cities except Paris and Bordeaux themselves.  This makes the A10 somewhat similar to M4 and M5 motorways in United Kingdom.

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