This page contains a list of all trailers in American Truck Simulator.

Base Game Edit

Name Image
Acid Tank Trailer
ATS Acid Tank Trailer
Acid Tank Long Trailer
ATS Acid Tank Long Trailer
Box Trailer
ATS Box Trailer
Box Long Trailer
ATS Box Long Trailer
Box Long Double Trailer
ATS Box Trailer Double long
Box Short Double Trailer
ATS Box Trailer Double short
Box Triple Trailer
ATS Box Trailer Triple
Bulk Cement Trailer
ATS Bulk Cement Trailer
Car Transporter
ATS Car Transporter
Chemical Tank Trailer
ATS Chemical Tank Trailer
Chemical Tank Long Trailer
ATS Chemical Tank Long Trailer
Curtain Trailer
ATS Curtain Trailer
Curtain Long Trailer
ATS Curtain Long Trailer
Dumper Trailer
ATS Dumper Trailer
Flatbed Trailer
ATS Large Tubes

With wall

ATS Plow

Without wall

Fuel Tank Trailer
ATS Fuel Tank Trailer
Fuel Tank Long Trailer
ATS Fuel Tank Long Trailer
Gas Tank Trailer
ATS Gas Tank Trailer
Gas Tank Long Trailer
ATS Gas Tank Long Trailer
Gooseneck Trailer
ATS Gooseneck Trailer 1

ATS Gooseneck Trailer 2
Lowboy Trailer
ATS Digger 500
Reefer Trailer
ATS Reefer Trailer
Reefer 3000R Trailer
ATS Reefer 3000R Trailer
Reefer 3000R Long Trailer
ATS Reefer 3000R Long Trailer
Reefer 3000R Long Double Trailer
ATS Reefer 3000R Trailer Double long
Reefer 3000R Short Double Trailer
ATS Reefer 3000R Trailer Double short
Reefer 3000R Triple Trailer
ATS Reefer 3000R Trailer Triple

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