You can find below the list of all vehicles in American Truck Simulator. The ones that the player can drive are marked with this symbol : ✓

Name DLC Type Playable Image
Audi A6 - AI Car ATS Audi A6
Buick Enclave - AI Car ATS Buick Enclave
Cadillac ATS - AI Car ATS Cadillac ATS
Cadillac Deville - AI Car ATS Cadillac Deville
Cadillac Escalade - AI Car ATS Cadillac Escalade
Caterpillar 627K - Cargo ATS Caterpillar 627K
Caterpillar 938G - Cargo ATS Caterpillar 938G
Caterpillar Bobcat - Decoration ATS Caterpillar Bobcat
Caterpillar CB 434D - Decoration ATS Caterpillar CB 434D
Caterpillar D7H - Cargo ATS Caterpillar D7H
Caterpillar TL - Decoration ATS Caterpillar TL
Caterpillar Towmotor Forklift - Cargo ATS Caterpillar Towmotor Forklift
Chevrolet 3100 - AI Car ATS Chevrolet 3100
Chevrolet Camaro - AI Car ATS Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Express - AI Car ATS Chevrolet Express
Chevrolet Step Van - AI Car ATS Chevrolet Step Van Ice ATS Chevrolet Step Van PostEd ATS Chevrolet Step Van UDS
Chevrolet Volt - AI Car ATS Chevrolet Volt
Dodge Magnum - AI Car ATS Dodge Magnum
EMD SD40-2 AI Train ATS EMD GP35
Ford Crown Victoria - AI Car ATS Ford Crown Victoria ATS Ford Crown Victoria Cab Police California Crown Victoria
Ford Explorer Update 1.29 AI Car ATS Ford Explorer
Ford F-150 Update 1.29 AI Car ATS Ford F-150
Ford F-350 (Ambulance only) - AI Car Ambulance General
Ford F-450 RV - Decoration ATS Ford F-450 RV
Ford F-650 - AI Car ATS Ford F-650 1 ATS Ford F-650 2
Ford Mustang - AI Car ATS Ford Mustang
Ford Raptor Update 1.29 AI Car ATS Ford Raptor
Ford S-Max - AI Car ATS Ford S-Max
Ford Interceptor Sedan (Police only) - AI Car Police Interceptor Sedan
Ford Taurus - AI Car ATS Ford Taurus
Ford Transit Update 1.29 AI Car ATS Ford TransitATS Ford Transit Highway Maintenance ATS Ford Transit News ATS Ford Transit glass ATS Ford Transit FatEx
Ford Interceptor Utility (Police only) AI Car Police Interceptor Utility
Forest River Solera - AI Car ATS Forest River Solera
Freightliner FS-65 Update 1.29 AI Bus ATS Freightliner FS-65
GMC Sierra HD - AI Car ATS GMC Sierra
Greyhound mc12 - AI Bus ATS Greyhound mc12
Harley-Davidson FLHP - Decoration ATS Harley-Davidson FLHP
Honda Accord - AI Car 200px
Hummer H2 Update 1.29 AI Car ATS Hummer H2 1 ATS Hummer H2 2
Hyundai Santa Fe Update 1.29 AI Car ATS Hyundai Santa Fe
Isuzu NPR Update 1.29 AI Car ATS Isuzu NPR 1 ATS Isuzu NPR 2 ATS Isuzu NPR 3 ATS Isuzu NPR 4
Jeep Grand Cherokee - AI Car ATS Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Wrangler - AI Car ATS Jeep Wrangler ATS Jeep Wrangler open
John Deere S - Decoration ATS John Deere S
John Deere H - AI Car ATS John Deere H road
Lincoln Limousine - AI Car ATS Lincoln Limousine
Lincoln MKT - AI Car ATS Lincoln MKT
Lincoln Navigator - AI Car ATS Lincoln Navigator
Mack RD 690 - AI Car ATS Mack RD 690 6 ATS Mack RD 690 2 ATS Mack RD 690 3 ATS Mack RD 690 4 ATS Mack RD 690 5 ATS Mack RD 690 1
Mercedes CE - AI Car ATS Mercedes CE
Mercury Colony Park - AI Car ATS Mercury Colony Park
Oldsmobile 88 - AI Car ATS Oldsmobile 88
Ram 2500 AI Car

ATS Dodge Ram 2500


Range Rover - AI Car ATS Range Rover
San Francisco MUNI Metro - Tramway San Francisco tram
San Francisco Cable Car - Railway San Francisco Railway
Temsa Opalin - AI Bus ATS Temsa Opalin
Tesla Model S - AI Car ATS Tesla Model S
Toyota Prius - AI Car ATS Toyota Prius
Volvo XC90 - AI Car ATS Volvo XC90
Winnebago Indian - Decoration ATS Winnebago Indian

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