Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands, featured in Euro Truck Simulator (ETS 1) and Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2).

ETS 1 Edit

As the capital, Amsterdam is the only Dutch city featured in Euro Truck Simulator. The A1 and the A16 form the access to the city from the east and west respectively, and both entrances to the city face north.

Transinet has the only depot in Amsterdam offering jobs to truckers, while a SellPlan depot also accepts goods elsewhere. A truck dealer with servicing facility is situated in the city.

ETS 2 Edit

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, Amsterdam is accessed by the A1, A4 and the A7 Autosnelwegen, while the A10 partly encircles the city. Although all connecting roads are Autosnelwegen, entrances intersect these roads at T-junctions. In addition, the port IJmuiden is featured to the west of Amsterdam, and a ferry service is available between there and Newcastle, United Kingdom.

Kaarfor, LKW, Stokes and Trameri have depots in the city.

Facilities appearing in Amsterdam include a bus station, a garage, a hotel, and a large DAF truck dealer.

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