Bakersfield is a city in California. It is featured in the base game of American Truck Simulator. The city is between Los Angeles and Barstow to the South, Fresno and Huron to the North and Santa Maria to the West.

Landmarks Edit

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Bakersfield is the Bakersfield Sign. The other is the Fox Theater.

Features Edit

The city is divided in four parts, which are spread over an huge area.

The city centre of Bakersfield includes a Sunshine Crops farm, a Bitumen and a Plaster & Sons depot, as well as a Voltison Motors and a Wallbert store. Facilities in Bakersfield are a gas station, a motel, a recruitment agency, a service shop and a Peterbilt truck dealer with another service shop.

To the West of the city centre, at the intersection of the CA 58 and the Interstate 5, there is a small part of the city called Bowerbank. One can find there two gas stations (one is a Gallon Oil depot with a rest area), a service shop and a large rest area.

Another larger part of the city, which could be Tulare, can be found to the North of the city at the CA 99. There are a Rail Export depot, a gas station and a motel.

Half way between Bakersfield and Los Angeles at the CA 14, there is a Chemso plant.

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The CA 58, which crosses the city, connects Bakersfield with Santa Maria in the West and with Barstow in the East. The CA 99 links Bakersfield with Los Angeles and with Fresno in the North.

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