Barstow is a city in California. It is featured in the base game of American Truck Simulator. It is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert between the cities Los Angeles and Bakersfield to the West and Primm and Kingman to the East.

Landmarks Edit

The only known landmarks in Barstow are the streets: Main Street and Rimrock Road run parallel to the Interstate 15, while Barstow Road and Avenue L cross the Interstate.

Features Edit

The city is situated along the Interstate 15.

The city centre includes a Coastline Mining plant and an Eddy's store, as well as a Bitumen, a HMS Machinery and a Rail Export depot. Facilities in Barstow are a gas station, a motel and a service shop.

To the West of the city centre, along the CA 58, there is another small part of the city. One can find there another motel and a Coastline Mining quarry.

To the South of Barstow is a gas station with a rest area.

Connections Edit

The Interstate 15, which crosses the city, connects Barstow with Los Angeles in the Southwest (via Interstate 10) and Primm in the Northeast. In the Eastern part of the city, the Interstate 40 branches off of the I-15 and runs to Kingman in the East. In addition the CA 58 also connects Barstow with Bakersfield in the West.

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