Berlin is the capital of Germany, featured in Euro Truck Simulator, German Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Berlin has been reworked in the 1.32 update.

Landmarks Edit

The most famous landmark of the city is the Fernsehturm Berlin. But there are also other important sights like the Atrium Tower, the Bahntower, the BfA tower, the Berlin Cathedral, the International trade center, the Kollhoff tower and the Park Inn.

Features Edit

There are a BCP, a NBFC and a Euro Goodies depot in the city and a Sanbuilders construction area can be found there, too. An EuroAcres farm is just outside the smaller southern entrance of the city.

Facilities in Berlin are a large MAN truck dealer (with servicing area), a garage and a recruitment agency. Outside the city, on the A10 is also a gas station.

Connections Edit

Euro Truck Simulator Edit

Berlin is connected with three Euroroutes, the E30, passes the city and goes to the Netherlands or Poland.

The E51 runs south to an intersection between the E45 and E50, the E45 continues to München.

The E55 runs south to the Czech Republic.

German Truck Simulator Edit

The A10 is partly a ring road and only connects with other roads: the A13 goes south to Dresden, and the A24 runs north to Rostock.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

The city is only connected with the ring road A10. The road provides connection to:

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