Białystok is a city in eastern Poland, featured in Going East DLC.

It's the easternmost accessible city in the official game area upon release, and remains so even after the Scandinavia DLC was released.

Features Edit

The city is quite compact to truckers, with almost all facilities centered at a crossroad.

ITCC and Transinet are the two companies having factory / depot in the city. EuroAcres and TREE-ET have depots to the west and southeast of the city respectively, with TREE-ET mill being the easternmost location a trucker can access without mods.

Non-logistic facilities available in the city include a bus station, a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency and a service shop.

Connections Edit

Just like most Polish cities to the east of the country's capital, Warszawa, no highway or expressway directly serves Białystok, although the road between Białystok and Warszawa is designated as the R8.

The road exiting Białystok to the north is also part of the R8 in real-life, but no in-game sign suggests this. In the game, it turns west at an unnamed town and eventually reaches Olsztyn.

Another minor road runs south of Białystok towards Lublin.

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