Birmingham is an English city featured in UK Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's in a relatively central position of the country, and is one of the 12 cities in the United Kingdom to have a truck dealer.

Features Edit

BCP, Posped, Sanbuilders have depots in the city proper, while a TREE-ET mill is to the southeast of the city.

For facilities, a hotel, a garage, a service shop, a recruitment agency and a small MAN truck dealer are present in Birmingham.

Connections Edit

There are two road accesses into Birmingham, both of which links to the M6 motorway. To the south, the M6 motorway meets the M1 just to the east of the city, and continues as the A14 towards Cambridge, while to the north it continues via Liverpool, Carlisle to enter Scotland.

The M5 motorway starts on the M6 to the west of the city. A minor road turns off the M6 slightly north of the M5 junction, then continues towards Sheffield.

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