• Patrickov

    The following is what I have hauled for the Trade Connections - Germany event.

    I try my best to only include conjoining countries, but some cities might offer fewer chances than I expect (e.g. I waited for a whole day to see a Polish order from Rostock, that's my 2nd trip).

    No. Date Start End Country Cargo Remarks
    1 Oct 14 Göteborg BHV Rostock Tradeaux Sweden Cars

    2 Oct 14 Rostock Tradeaux Warszawa Posped Poland Truck Batteries

    X2 Oct 15 Warszawa Trameri Praha Tradeaux N/A Used Plastics

    3 Oct 15 Praha Scout Nürnberg Stokes Czech Used Packaging

    4 Oct 16 Nürnberg Trameri Livorno MarmoSpA (Carrara) Italy Fuel Tanker

    X4 Oct 16 Livorno MarmoSpA (Carrara) Wien Stokes N/A Tracks Achievement "Michelangelo"
    5 Oct 17 Wien Stokes München EuroGoodies Austria Barley
    My upcoming pl…

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  • Patrickov

    Unfortunately, my dead harddisk could not be resurrected or have its data retrieved, which means I have to restart my work from scratch.  Meanwhile, I have a major tidy-up work at home, that I probably am not resuming my pace for a while.

    I still took time to try out 1.32 open bata though.  I feel SCS has delivered less than they promised.

    • I voiced out a bug at Kiel at their sneak peek, but in the beta it's not fixed
    • The new district for Hamburg hasn't materialised.  Frankfurt seems not complete as well
    • Lubeck turns out to be just a closed off ferry point.  I have a feeling that Beyond the Baltic Sea can be accessed without Going East though (in real life Lubeck has ferries to / from Lithuania / Latvia / etc)
    • The trailer pack seems unfinished a…
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  • Patrickov

    Hi all, I just came back from London (in reality) yesterday. The event actually started just before my trip, so I waited until back home to start it. Hope I can make it this time.


    X1 (Not Racing Equipment)



    5 First trip out of UK



    X8 (Not Racing Equipment)
    9 Switch to France due to no new British destination found


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  • Patrickov

    Disaster (Apr '18)

    April 30, 2018 by Patrickov

    My (semi-external) HDD failed (physically) last week, which rendered my Trucking videos and Wikia work data shut off to me (unless I pay some USD 1400 to recover them).  That means I have to re-do my projects from scratch somehow.

    Thank God that my profile persists elsewhere.  I will back that up ASAP.

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  • Patrickov

    The following is what I have hauled for the Trade Connections - Sweden event.

    No. Date Start End Country Cargo Remarks
    1 Mar 29 Graz TREE-ET Stockholm Norrfood Austria Forklifts

    X1A Mar 30 Stockholm Konstnorr Linköping Nordic Stenbrott N/A Fusion Tank Proof of intra-Sweden deliveries don't count
    X1B(S) Mar 30 Linköping Nordic Stenbrott Kalmar Nordic Stenbrott N/A Haul Truck Chassis Special Delivery
    Achievement "Big Brother"
    2 Mar 30 Kalmar GNT Dresden eAcres Germany Disinfectant

    X2A Mar 31 Dresden eAcres Praha Tradeaux N/A Pears

    X2B Mar 31 Praha Tradeaux Praha Stein Bruch N/A Dozer Crawl - Z35K

    X2C(S) Mar 31 Praha Stein Bruch Nürnberg Sanbuilders N/A Haul Truck Chassis Special Delivery
    X2D Apr 2 Nürnberg Trameri Banská Bystrica Stokes N/A Used…

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  • Patrickov

    Injuries (again)

    January 7, 2018 by Patrickov

    Looks like I am out of luck recently.

    A year-end vacation turned out to be more injuries (this time on the right knee) and an illness.  I now foresee myself unable to finish the projects this month, but I will keep trying.  Of course, I also have to finish the Grand Gift Delivery 2017 first.

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  • Patrickov


    December 19, 2017 by Patrickov

    Unfortunately I had a fall and injured myself last week.  Combining with the tight working schedule and cold weather (just cool for Europe, anyway), that means I do not have much time to do things for Truck Simulator Wikia.  My current work include:

    1. A program to auto-generate most road number signs at- or post-Scandinavia DLC
    2. City tour video for Brest
    3. Road video for Dutch A4 and French A11
    4. Screen captures and maps for the three Sicilian cities.

    Let's see how much I can do before mid-Jan 2018...

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  • Patrickov

    Italian Autostrada Icons

    December 12, 2017 by Patrickov

    Since Scandinavia SCS uses new methods to render highway icons in-game.  Last time I found the set of fonts and definitions so I made some samples, as seen on A81 and N157 (France).

    For Italia, I have also located the font, although I think if I simply extract the bitmaps and apply it to the maps the resolution would mess up.  Instead, I made some SVG's resembling the font and icon, and double-check with in-game screen captures.  The result is on the you see now.

    Still I think I might have missed out some definitions - I somehow believe SCS has a vectorized font definition, and those bitmaps are probably mere "mirrors" - if they use it straight and tried to resize the fonts on signs, the signs will not be as smooth as we see.  So I think I …

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  • Patrickov

    The following is what I have hauled for the Double-trailer Logistics event.

    No. Date Start End Cargo Weight Distance Income Remarks
    1 Oct 14 Oxnard Rail Export Redding Eddy's Beverages 39,998 lb 549 mi $24,688

    2 Oct 14 Redding Wallbert (Warehouse) Santa Cruz Wallbert (Small grocery) Packaged Food 39,498 lb 321 mi $13,151

    X2 Oct 15 Santa Cruz Coastline Mining (Mines) Huron Bitumen (Roadwork site) Sand 41,500 lb 114 mi $4,831 Proof of whether the achievement can be made with disjointed deliveries
    3 Oct 15 Huron Sunshine Crops Barstow Rail Export Frozen Fruits 38,999 lb 223 mi $8,909

    X3A Oct 15 Barstow HMS Machinery Barstow Coastline Mining (Mines) Bulldozer 88,998 lb 26 mi $2,346

    X3B Oct 15 Barstow Coastline Mining (Mines) Barstow Bitumen G…

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  • Doktorpixel14

    This page helps me to get an overview on my Multi-Trailer Logistic event progress.

    No. Date Origin Destination Cargo Weight Total
    1 Oct 13 Los Angeles - Sell Goods Oakland - Oakland Shippers Toys 32.000 lbs 32.000 lbs
    2 Oct 14 San Francisco - Port of San Francisco Eureka - Wallbert Cheese 32.498 lbs 64.498 lbs
    3 Oct 14 Eureka - Darchelle Uzau Sacramento - Wallbert Fruits 38.999 lbs 103.497 lbs
    4 Oct 15 Sacramento - Wallbert Bakersfield - Wallbert Computers 21.999 lbs 125.496 lbs Read more >
  • Doktorpixel14

    COMPLETED - This page helps me to get an overview on my Trade Connections - France progress. (inspired by Patrickov's page)

    No. Date Origin Destination Cargo ✓
    1 Aug 31 Brussel - FCP Le Havre - Globeur Cars Belgium
    2 Sep 01 Verona - Posped Clermont-Ferrand - Tradeaux Tracks Italy
    3 Sep 01 Clermont-Ferrand - Tradeaux Dortmund - TREE-ET Diggers Germany
    3.1 Sep 03 Dortmund - TREE-ET Rotterdam - Transinet Wood Bark

    4 Sep 03 Rotterdam - WGCC Lille - Trameri Fluorine Netherlands
    5 Sep 03 Calais - NBFC Sheffield - ITCC Oil United Kingdom
    5.1 Sep 03 Sheffield - Stein Bruch Oslo - NS Oil Fuel Tanker

    5.2 Sep 04 Oslo - Container Port Aalborg - Norrsken Dryers

    6 Sep 04 Aalborg - Norrsken Strasbourg - Posped Industrial Cable Reel Denmark
    7 Sep 05 …

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  • Patrickov

    The following is what I have hauled for the Trade Connections - France event.

    No. Date Start End Country Cargo Remarks
    1 Sep 03 Paris Bâtisse Bratislava TREE-ET Slovakia Mobile Crane - Rex-Tex 45 Heavy
    X1 Sep 03 Bratislava TREE-ET Pécs eAcres N/A Wooden Beams

    2 Sep 03 Pécs eAcres Strasbourg Posped Hungary Garlic

    3 Sep 04 Strasbourg WGCC Köln Posped Germany Fertilizer

    X3 Sep 04 Düsseldorf Stokes Odense Drekkar Trans N/A Gummy Bears

    4 Sep 05 Odense Nordic Crown Montpellier Globeur Denmark Sausages First visit to Montpellier
    First run on French A7 and A9
    X4 Sep 06 Montpellier Bâtisse (city site) Montpellier MVM N/A Mobile Crane - Rex-Tex 45 Heavy
    First run on French A750
    5 Sep 06 Montpellier Dans le Jardin Milano Transinet Italy Onions First run o…

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  • Patrickov

    Back for a Day?

    July 1, 2017 by Patrickov

    Hi all,

    Just drop by to tell you that I come back for a brief visit.

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  • Patrickov

    Real-life Gets in the Way

    November 14, 2016 by Patrickov

    Recently I play less Truck Simulator games and write less here.  The primary reason is that I now have a real car to drive, which means too much gaming would make me less concentrated when I am behind the wheels.  Real-life safety is the utmost important.

    However I am well aware about SCS going to release Vive la France soon, which means I'd follow example for ATS, by keeping my copy old and grab as many old French materials as I can, before switching over to the new DLC.  I believe you guys are eager to write stuff on the new DLC anyways!

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  • Linac

    ATS Rescale!

    October 10, 2016 by Linac

    I'm so excited for the ATS Rescale. I hope i see alot of fails.

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  • Patrickov

    Minor rest?

    September 7, 2016 by Patrickov

    Well, I still play ETS2 and such and such.  The reason that I appear to be contributing less is... well... I gotta find a way to organize E18 and E20, both very long roads at the length of 1000km (in fact E20 does span above this length just counting Danish and Swedish sections).

    And of course E39 would be the next.  Hopefully this one would be split into Danish and Norwegian sections, otherwise the mileage would be confusing.

    As soon as I finish the Scandinavian Euroroutes I'll continue with the Polish ones.

    And then the vast Germany.

    France (especially French roads) would wait until Vive la France is out, but I encourage you to take screenshots in case you want to provide some comparison.

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  • Patrickov

    I now have ATS too

    June 11, 2016 by Patrickov

    With ETS 2 official map 100% explored and most achievements unlocked, I now start with American Truck Simulator!  Just tried two quick jobs in... I think I'll help out with contents there in the foreseeable future!

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  • Alex02089

    The link isn't working.

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  • Alex02089

    free camera mod

    April 14, 2016 by Alex02089

    Hello, there is my mod, it' s a free camera for ETS2.!npJxGIwR!BFj5vzs4bvBq1L5xSG3ljJlKGtnB_Ky4l2Zb8Xl6fmk

    Click "Open " at the security warning.

    My ETS2 Pseudo: Gendarmerie

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  • Patrickov

    Just found some strange towns north of Luxembourg City when hauling two Volvos with a Volvo...

    My question is simple... where are these towns in real-life?

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