Bourges is a small city featured in Vive la France! DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

 Landmarks Edit

The accessible part of Bourges with the Gomme du Monde depot in the game is actually not a part of Bourges, it belongs to Saint-Doulchard in real life. The main street of the in-game Bourges is the "Route de Orléans".

Features Edit

Bourges is divided into two parts: The southwestern part of the city, which is only an industrial area, includes a Globeur depot and a service shop. The other part features a Gomme du Monde depot and a small Renault Trucks dealer.

In addition, there is a Dans le Jardin farm to the northeast as well as a Nos Pâturages farm to the northwest of the city.

Connections Edit

Two highways (Autoroutes) and two minor road connect Bourges with other cities:

One minor road goes to the west from Bourges, connecting the city with it's Nos Pâturages farm, Saint-Laurent, the Autoroute A10 and finally with Nantes. The other minor road goes through the city, crosses the Autoroute A6 and joins the Autoroute A31 between Metz and Dijon.

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