Bremen is a city in northern Germany, first featured in German Truck Simulator and then Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Landmarks Edit

Bremen's cathedral, Church of Our Lady, Fallturm, TV tower and Weser Tower are the landmarks that truckers can see when they visit the city in-game.

Depots and Facilities Edit

Euro Goodies, FCP and Posped have depots in Bremen, while an eAcres farm is to the east of the city.

There's a bus station, a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency, a service shop and a small DAF truck dealer in Bremen. Curiously, a gas station is also situated just outside the city, a rare feature for non-Scandinavian or French cities.

Connections Edit

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, Bremen is situated on the central section of the A1 Autobahn, having both accesses onto it. A minor road goes southeast from the A1 towards Hannover, while the A28 Autobahn branches off the A1 to the west and runs towards Groningen in northern Netherlands.

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