Carlisle is an English city featured in UK Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's nicknamed the Great Border City by many, due to its proximity to the border of Scotland.

Features Edit

Posped and Trameri have depots in Carlisle. An e-Acres farm is situated to the south of the city.

The basic facilities for truckers (garage, hotel and service shop) are availble in Carlisle. A bus station is situated next to the Trameri depot.

Gas stations are available on both sides of M6 out of the city, as well as on the minor road towards Newcastle.


Both of the city's motorway connections are to the M6, however at the next junction of the northern approach the M6 changes to the Scottish M74. That junction also sees a minor road (corresponding to A7 in real-life) turning off towards Edinburgh.

Another minor road (corresponding to A69 in real-life) goes east from Carlisle towards Newcastle. This road connects directly to the city instead of the M6 motorway. Interestingly, it does more or less the same on the other side, meaning that truckers can travel between Carlisle and Newcastle without driving on any major roads.

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