The Channel Tunnel (also known as Euro Tunnel, and Tunnel Sous La Manche) is a rail tunnel connecting Folkestone in the United Kingdom, to Calais in France.  
2013-02-05 00012

Ramp to the train


To use, simply drive your truck onto the train by going down the ramp of the open barriers. Your truck does not need to be fully on the train, just the cab over the icon.


The Channel Tunnel is located on the A20 in the UK, and on the A16 in France


The Channel Tunnel costs €300/£240 and takes 35 minutes. The crossing time is accurate in both the game and real life and is the fastest way to transport vehicles from the UK to France.


2013-02-05 00014

Screen to accept the journey

  • During the journey, it seems like the driver is resting but that is not true. You can't rest in 35 minutes.

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