Europe consists of various countries, and thus countries are the primary groups of locations in Euro Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

In Euro Truck Simulator, players must choose their "starting country". Once chosen, they can only access countries belonging to the same group as their choice (there's only one truck dealer in each group of countries). If players wish to expand their access to other countries, they must pay a fee (Ranging from €30,000 to €52,000), and they can only expand to countries connected to those they already have access.

Another difference between countries is that the fuel price varies between countries.

The country restriction is removed in Euro Truck Simulator 2, but the fuel price difference remains, and is in fact amplified.

List of Featured European Countries Edit

Country Capital Game No. of Cities
Austria Wien ETS 1 1
ETS 2 6
Belgium Brussel ETS 1 1
ETS 2 2
Czech Republic Praha ETS 1 1
ETS 2 2 + 1 (Going East)
Denmark København ETS 2 Scandinavia 7
France Paris ETS 1 3
ETS 2 8 + 14 (Vive la France !) + 1 (port)
Germany Berlin ETS 1 3
ETS 2 20
Hungary Budapest ETS 2 Going East 4
Italy Roma ETS 1 2
ETS 2 4 + 19 (Italia)
Luxembourg Luxembourg ETS 2 1
Netherlands Amsterdam ETS 1 1
ETS 2 3 + 2 (ports)
Norway Oslo ETS 2 Scandinavia 4
Poland Warszawa ETS 1 1
ETS 2 3 + 8 (Going East)
Portugal Lisboa ETS 1 1
Slovakia Bratislava ETS 2 1 + 2 (Going East)
Spain Madrid ETS 1 2
Sweden Stockholm ETS 2 Scandinavia 15
Switzerland Bern (de facto) ETS 1 1
ETS 2 3
United Kingdom London ETS 1 3
ETS 2 18 + 2 (ports) + 1 (port Vive la France !)

Fuel Prices Edit

Main article: Gas Station

Fuel prices are generally between €1 – €1.8 per litre. The fuel prices in Euro Truck Simulator are lower then those in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Fuel rates matches the averages ones at the time of the game release.

Also in Euro Truck Simulator 2, players can buy garages and expand them to have a fuel pump installed. These fuel pumps allow players to refuel their trucks at a 15% Discount.

Trivia Edit

  • During development of Euro Truck Simulator 2, Spain and Portugal, as well as western France, were put away in favour of Luxembourg and Slovakia.
  • Also in Euro Truck Simulator 2, Bologna, Ancona, Genoa, and Rome in Italy are originally on the list of featured cities, but omitted in the finished game due to time constraints. By implementing mods, a player could find a good amount of Italian roads had been included.
  • Some have claimed that Liechtenstein, a micro-country between Switzerland and Austria, is present in Euro Truck Simulator 2, in the form of an Austrian town next to the Swiss border.
    • Liechtenstein does not have direct connection to either the Swiss A1 Autobahn or the Austrian A14 Autobahn. The Austrian town in the game may instead be Lustenau, which is also next to the Swiss border.
    • From that very border crossing, a minor road is found to the south, and a small loop in the middle of it. It could be Liechtenstein's capital Vaduz, but further research is required.

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