The Dálnice D1 in the Czech Republic is the longest highway in that country, and is featured in both Euro Truck Simulator (ETS 1) and Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2).

While it merely serves part of the southern connection from Praha in ETS 1, it's fully featured in ETS 2 – albeit in two stages, with the section between Praha and Brno already present in the original game, while the Going East expansion allows truckers to access the remainder of the road.

Although Czech Republic is a hilly country, its main highways in ETS 2 are mostly flat. The Dálnice D1 is possibly the only exception. In the video, one may notice the abundance of slopes along the highway, especially about midway between Brno and Praha.

Other points of interest include:

  • All three city accesses from the D1 form part of further connections to other locations (see the infobox for details).
  • In real-life about 30 km of D1 hasn't been built yet (as of 2016), but ETS 2 doesn't reflect this and renders the D1 as one continuous road.

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