Dijon is a city located in Eastern France, featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (base game).

Landmarks Edit

The known landmarks in Dijon are the CAF tower, the Dijon Cathedral, the Notre-Dame and the Saint-Michel.

Features Edit

Dijon is one of the smaller cities featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Euro Goodies and Stokes have depots there while an E-Acres farm is to the east of the city.

A bus station, a garage, a hotel and a service shop are available in the city.

Connections Edit

The A311 autoroute, which is a loop of the tolled A31, crosses the city in the north-south direction.

The A31 also goes north-south in the vincinity of Dijon. To the north the autoroute heads for Metz and thence Luxembourg, while to the south the route joins the A6 towards Lyon.

A minor road goes southeast of Dijon, directly connecting Bern, with another road branching off halfway towards Genève.

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