This article comprises of a list of known Easter Eggs in American Truck Simulator. This article is free for public use, meaning you can add easter eggs you have found onto this article.

Bates MotelEdit

The Bates Motel easter egg is located between Barstow and Bakersfield, On Route 58. It features the infamous Psycho House and an abandoned Oasis Hotel. Visiting the psycho house at night, you can see a silloheute of a person in the top left window. It disapears during the day. You can sleep at this location, but it is not recommended. A video can be seen here -

Truck Racing Circuit Edit

Tucson Raceway

Truck Racing Circuit.png

The Truck Racing Circuit is a hidden object that is not shown on the map. It is located near the Bitumen roadworks in Tucson, Arizona.


UFOs are an easter egg in American Truck Simulator. They can be found along the Nevada 375, Or the 'Extraterrestrial Highway'. They appear as two bright lights and can be seen at night. They do not make noise, and using a map editor it can be found that they are just lights, and not physical objects.

Tugboat DuckEdit

A more positive easter egg is the Tugboat Duck easter egg. It can be found west of Carlsbad. The Tugboat Duck appears as a massive yellow rubber duck being pulled around by a tugboat. This is one of the more entertaining easter eggs added by SCS Software.

Truckstop DucksEdit

Mazany Creek

Truckstop Ducks are found at a Rest Stop in a small fictional hamlet called Mazany Creek between Las Vegas and Pioche. If you are to pull up at this Rest Stop and look at the nearby army base, You will see three rubber duckies bobing up and down behind the fence. The hamlet maybe is called after Václav Mazaný, a former employee of SCS Software.

Ice Cream Truck Accident Edit

On CA 111 there is a small unnamed town that has two untravelable crossroads. Three roads have standard X barriers, but one is a police car with cones blocking an accident. The accident is a SUV that T-boned an ice cream truck, which rolled.

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