Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a truck simulation game released by SCS Software in 2012, and is the sequel to Euro Truck Simulator.

Gameplay Edit

A new gameplay system is introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

At first, the player is required to create a profile and choose a city as their "headquarters". At first, the player does not have enough money to own a truck, therefore they have to complete quick jobs to save up enough money or enough skill to be able to take out a sufficiently sized loan.

As the player finishes jobs, the player's profile skill level also increases. When this happens, the player may invest a skill point to one of the six skills available, allowing them to haul more valuable freight, and for longer distances.

Players may also purchase a garage and hire NPCs to drive for them. This way the player is able to earn even more money.

Countries and Cities Edit

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The game includes most of the countries featured in the previous title, but Spain, Portugal, were removed from the recent game of SCS. The map, on the other hand, became more detailed, more cities than Euro Truck Simulator are included, and a few new countries, such as Luxembourg and Slovakia, were introduced as well.

The maps of United Kingdom and Germany in this game are derived from UK Truck Simulator and German Truck Simulator respectively. Because of that, these areas lack the quality that recent DLC maps such as the Italia DLC especially have. On May 23, 2018, SCS announced on their blog that they will rework parts of the old map, starting with northern Germany.[1]

Countries Edit

Below are the countries that were added and expanded with the base game or map expansion DLC.

Base Game Edit

Going East! Edit

Scandinavia Edit

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Italia Edit

Beyond the Baltic Sea (upcoming DLC) Edit

Trucks Edit

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There are seven truck brands available in the game:

DLCs Edit

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There are numerous DLCs available for this game. Most of them are paint job packs, but four (+ an upcoming one) are map expansions, including new companies, new cargo and new cities. Others contain truck accessories and additional customising options.

References Edit

  1. SCS Software, Revisiting Germany, 2018-05-23 (accessed 2018-06-08)

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