Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia is the second map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It was released on 6th May 2015. The DLC adds 3 new countries: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The expansion features new ferry terminals too, with ferry connections to Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Cities Edit

The Scandinavia DLC brings 26 new cities to Euro Truck Simulator 2. The capitals of the countries are marked in bold.

Name Country Remarks
Aalborg Denmark
Bergen Norway Ferries to Hirtshals
Esbjerg Denmark Ferries to the United Kingdom
Frederikshavn Denmark Ferries to Oslo (Norway) and Göteborg (Sweden)
Gedser Denmark Ferries to Rostock (Germany)
Göteborg Sweden Ferries to Frederikshavn
Helsingborg Sweden
Hirtshals Denmark Ferries to Norway
Jönköping Sweden
Kalmar Sweden
Karlskrona Sweden Ferries to Poland
Kristiansand Norway Ferries to Hirtshals
København Denmark Capital of Denmark
Linköping Sweden
Malmö Sweden
Nynäshamn Sweden Ferries to Poland
Odense Denmark
Oslo Norway Capital of Norway - Ferries to Frederikshavn
Örebro Sweden
Stavanger Norway Ferries to Hirtshals
Stockholm Sweden Capital of Sweden
Södertälje Sweden
Trelleborg Sweden Ferries to Rostock (Germany)
Uppsala Sweden
Västerås Sweden
Växjö Sweden