Euro Truck Simulator 2: Vive la France! is a map DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It is the third of DLC involving map expansions, with the first two being Going East and Scandinavia respectively. It was released on December 5, 2016.

As its title suggests, Vive la France! (mainly) features France, which was only partially rendered in the original ETS 2 game map. This DLC is a map expansion for France with new 15 cities.

Release History Edit

SCS Software first hinted about the DLC in a blogpost posted on 25 January 2016. After that, SCS released information about the DLC, at about one blog post per month:

  • 25 Jan 2016: A picture of "Renault T in southern France" is featured in a general blog post[1].
  • 18 Feb 2016: First dedicated blog post about the DLC[2].
  • 11 Mar 2016: Introduction to new gas stations[3].
  • 17 Apr 2016: Introduction to new roundabouts. The name of the expansion was mentioned again, securing its place[4].
  • 10 May 2016: Introduction to nuclear power stations[5].
  • 13 Jun 2016: Second blog post about roundabouts[6].
  • 8 Jul 2016: Screenshot of the in-game rendering of the windmill near Les Trois-Moutiers, presented alongside a picture taken during 2016 Tour de France[7].
  • 28 Jul 2016: Introduction of La Rochelle, which is the first post entirely about a new settlement[8].
  • 31 Aug 2016: Screenshots of French bridges in the newly-rendered areas[9].
  • 7 Oct 2016: About revamp of Paris, including a map screenshot[10].
  • 10 Nov 2016: A revamp of the old parts of France has been made in the 1.26 open beta which could suggests new cities on signs.
  • 25 Nov 2016: A map of the new cities and roads has been published[11].
  • 5 Dec 2016: Official release date of the DLC.

In mid-October 2016, the Steam Achievements list of ETS 2 is updated to include 5 new achievements related to the new DLC.

A trial version of the DLC was put up for demonstration in Poznań Game Arena 2016. In the associated blog post, SCS claimed that it would probably be "6 to 10 weeks" before the DLC would be ready for release, and anticipated the release at some time "ahead of" or "a couple of weeks (after)" Christmas 2016[12].

Cities Edit

The DLC includes 15 new cities in France, bringing the total to 23:

Name First Mentioned on
Bordeaux 25 November 2016[11]
Bourges 31 August 2016[9]
Brest 31 August 2016[9]
Civaux Release
Clermont-Ferrand 25 November 2016[11]
Golfech Release
La Rochelle 28 July 2016[8]
Le Havre 31 August 2016[9]
Le Mans 25 November 2016[11]
Limoges 25 November 2016[11]
Marseille 25 November 2016[11]
Montpellier 25 November 2016[11]
Nantes 10 November 2016
Nice 25 November 2016[11]
Paluel Release
Rennes 13 June 2016[6]
Roscoff 25 November 2016[11]
Saint-Alban-du-Rhône Release
Saint-Laurent Release
Toulouse 25 November 2016[11]

In the DLC, there are a lot of small villages on the minor roads. See the complete list here.

In addition, SCS re-worked the parts of France already present in the ETS 2 base game, including a "total overhaul of [the] Paris region"[2][10]. SCS had suggested that changes to the existing areas would be entirely visible to truckers not having the DLC loaded[2].

Industries Edit

The DLC also features new industries. The following companies are directly mentioned or have their brand icons shown in materials released by SCS:

Name Type First Mentioned on/in
Bâtisse Company 7 October 2016[10]
BHB La Raffinerie Chemical Company Beta of ETS2 v1.26
Boisserie Jean-Pierre Company Beta of ETS2 v1.26
Chimi Company Beta of ETS2 v1.26
Dans le Jardin Company 26 November 2016
Éco Gas station 11 March 2016[3]
FLE Company 7 October 2016[10]
Gallia Ferries Ferries Beta of ETS2 v1.26
Globeur Company 7 October 2016[10]
Gomme du Monde Company 26 November 2016
Huilant Company 26 November 2016
Lisette Logistics Company 10 November 2016
Marina Marina 28 July 2016[8]
MVM Carrière Company Beta of ETS2 v1.26
Nos Pâturages Farming Company 26 November 2016
Nucleon Nuclear power station 10 May 2016[5]
Port de Conteneur Port Beta of ETS2 v1.26
Subse Company Beta of ETS2 v1.26
Voitureux Company 26 November 2016
Wilnet Transport Company 7 October 2016[10]
The existing industry types from the base game and Scandinavia are featured in the newly rendered areas as well. For example, it has been hinted that a marina is present in La Rochelle[8], while an IKA depot would be introduced in the re-rendered Paris[10]. There are also depots of the companies BHV and Tradeaux.

Achievements Edit

Main article: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Achievements

On Steam there already are 5 achievements requiring this DLC.

Name Description
Bon Voyage! Discover all French cities
Landmark Tour Discover following landmarks of France: Carcassonne, Bortonne bridge, Tiger tank, Peyrat-le-Château, Château de Ventadour, Château d'Ussé
Go Nuclear! Deliver cargo to five nuclear plants in France
Check-in, Check-out Deliver cargo to all cargo airport terminals in France
Gas must flow! Deliver diesel, LPG or petrol to all truck stops in France

Others Edit

New connections were added to Torino, Italy and Plymouth, United Kingdom to enhance accessibility to the newly featured French cities. Details are given in the two cities pages.

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