Truck dealers in Euro Truck Simulator (ETS 1) sell trucks for truckers to drive. All truckers have to start their career at a truck dealer because they have to buy their first truck upon profile creation.

Possibly due to the limited size of the map, truck dealers in ETS 1 sell all available trucks, while in the sequel game each dealers is specialized in one truck brand.

In addition, all truck dealers in ETS 1 have servicing facilities. That means ETS 1 cities with truck dealers do not have service shops.

Brands Edit

In total, there are four truck brands available in ETS 1:

Locations Edit

The following table shows the location of truck dealers in ETS 1.

City Name Country Remarks
Amsterdam Netherlands
Berlin Germany
Bern Switzerland
Brussels Belgium
Lisbon Portugal
London United Kingdom Requires Gold Edition (Version 1.2)
Madrid Spain
Paris France
Praha Czech Republic
Rome Italy
Warszawa Poland
Wien Austria

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