A ferry is a facility by which truckers may get across seas. Truckers can use ferries by driving trucks to seaports, paying the transport fee, wait for the vessel's arrival and then resume driving.

It's first introduced in Euro Truck Simulator Gold Edition, with a ferry service available between Calais, France and Dover, United Kingdom. True to the simple, compressed map of that game, both ports provide little facilities other than a rest stop in front of ship boarding ramps.

Ferries are also the primary transport between United Kingdom and continental Europe, but more routes are provided. Specifically, the Channel Tunnel becomes available and greatly speeds up cross-channel traffic, although ferries have the advantage of providing vital rest time. Euro Lines is the primary ferry service provider.

The Scandinavia DLC introduces several more ferry lines to / from the new realms, operated by Polaris Lines. Norway is the most notable country by that all its 4 featured cities have ferry links to Denmark. As Norwegian roads go through mountainous terrain and thus involve various sharp turns and slopes, truckers are generally advised to take ferries to enter / leave the country (except for going to / from Sweden).

List of Ferries in Euro Truck Simulator Series Edit

On the following list, the nearest cities to the destinations are denoted in brackets.

Destinations Duration Price Game Operator
DoverCalais 01h 31m €384 ETS1 Gold
ETS2 base
Euro Lines
Harwich (Felixstowe) – Europoort (Rotterdam) 08h 00m €960 ETS2 base Euro Lines
Hull (Grimsby) – Europoort (Rotterdam) 11h 00m €995 ETS2 base Euro Lines
Newcastle-upon-TyneIJmuiden (Amsterdam) 16h 30m €1,212 ETS2 base Euro Lines
Hull (Grimsby) – Esbjerg 19h 00m €1,314 Scandinavia Euro Lines
Rostock - Gedser 01h 45m €404 Scandinavia Polaris Lines
Rostock - Trelleborg (Malmö) 05h 35m €668 Scandinavia Polaris Lines
Gdynia (Gdańsk) - Verkö (Karlskrona) 10h 30m €790 Going East + Scandinavia Euro Lines /

Polaris Lines[1]

Gdańsk - Nynäshamn (Stockholm) 19h 00m €531 Going East + Scandinavia Polaris Lines
Frederikshavn - Göteborg 03h 15m €677 Scandinavia Stena Line
Frederikshavn - Oslo 12h 00m €993 Scandinavia Polaris Lines
Hirtshals - Bergen 17h 15m €1,793 Scandinavia Polaris Lines
Hirtshals - Kristiansand 03h 15m €1,052 Scandinavia Polaris Lines
Hirtshals - Stavanger 09h 30m €1,621 Scandinavia Polaris Lines
Plymouth - Roscoff 07h 00m €910 Vive la France! Gallia Ferries
Napoli - Palermo 11h 00m €879 Italia Eolo Lines
Messina - Villa San Giovanni 20m €347 Italia Eolo Lines
  1. The ferry is of Euro Lines in Gdynia, but Polaris Lines in Verkö