"With its area of 547,030 square km, France has 1,027,183 km of serviceable roadway. France is also a very popular tourist destination: people come to visit famous vineyards, ski resorts and of course Paris, one of the world's most beautiful and romantic cities."
— Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website

France (French: France) is a country first appearing in Euro Truck Simulator.

Although the whole of France appears on the map, only the eastern part is featured in the initial Euro Truck Simulator 2. The Vive la France DLC released in 2016 fills up most of the country.

Toll system Edit

While France is just like most other countries in Euro Truck Simulator, the sequel game – Euro Truck Simulator 2 – introduces toll booths on French Autoroutes, which are common in real-life France. The reason for extensive road-tolling in France is that the French government conceded the exploitation of most of the motorways to private companies, which in turn charges users to maintain the networks.

Accessible Cities Edit

The Port of Calais, Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux are featured in the original Euro Truck Simulator.

8 French cities (including Paris, Lyon and Calais proper) are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2 base game, while the Vive la France DLC brings back Bordeaux along with 14 others. In total, 23 French cities are featured in ETS 2, making France the country with the highest number of accessible in-game cities.

City Name Image First Game Remarks
Bordeaux Bordeaux Centre ETS 1
Bourges Bourges view 1 ETS 2 VLF
Brest Brest view 1 ETS 2 VLF
Calais Calais entrance ETS 2 Ferries and trains to Dover
Clermont-Ferrand Clermont-Ferrand centre ETS 2 VLF
Dijon Dijon day streetview ETS 2
La Rochelle La Rochelle view 1 ETS 2 VLF
Le Havre Le Havre Port area ETS 2 VLF
Le Mans Le Mans access ETS 2 VLF
Lille Lille skyline ETS 2
Limoges Limoges view ETS 2 VLF
Lyon Lyon city view ETS 1
Marseille Marseille Fos-Port North ETS 2 VLF
Metz Metz Entrance ETS 2
Montpellier Montpellier view ETS 2 VLF
Nantes Nantes view 2 ETS 2 VLF
Nice Nice entrance ETS 2 VLF
Paris Paris ETS2 skyline ETS 1 Capital
Reims Reims skyline ETS 2
Rennes Rennes Pacé ETS 2 VLF
Roscoff Roscoff view2 ETS 2 VLF Ferries to Plymouth
Strasbourg Strasbourg View ETS 2
Toulouse Toulouse view ETS 2 VLF

Roads Edit

ETS 1 Edit

6 Euroroutes are featured in Euro Truck Simulator.

E5 E15 E50 E62
E5 icon
E15 – Bordeaux
E15 icon
Belgium – Lyon – Spain
E50 icon
Paris – Germany
E62 icon
E15 – Switzerland
E70 E80
E70 icon
E15 – Italy
E80 icon
E5 – E15 – Italy

ETS 2 Edit

38 Autoroutes and 2 Route Nationales are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

A1 A2 A4 A6 A7
France A1 icon
France A2 icon
A26/A29 - Belgium
France A4 icon
Paris - Strasbourg
France A6 icon
Lyon - A10 (Paris)
France A7 icon
A8 (Marseille) - Lyon
A8 A9 A10 A11 A13
France A8 icon
Italy - A7 (Marseille)
France A9 icon
A7 (Marseille) - A61
France A10 icon
A630 (Bordeaux) - Paris
France A11 icon
Nantes - A10 (Paris)
France A13 icon
A84 - Paris
A16 A20 A23 A25 A26
France A16 icon
A1 (Paris) - A25 (Lille)
France A20 icon
A62 (Toulouse) - A71 (Bourges)
France A23 icon
A25 (Lille) - A2
France A25 icon
A16 - A23 (Lille)
France A26 icon
A4 (Reims) - A2 (Paris)
A28 A29 A31 A35 A36
France A28 icon
A10 - A11 (Le Mans), Le Mans - A13 (Le Havre)
France A29 icon
A13 (Le Havre) - A26
France A31 icon
A6 (Dijon) - Luxembourg
France A35 icon
Switzerland - Strasbourg
France A36 icon
A6 (Dijon) - A35
A41 A43 A47 A51 A55
France A41 icon
A43 - Switzerland
France A43 icon
Lyon - Italy
France A47 icon
A7 (Lyon) - A72
France A51 icon
A7 (Marseille) - minor road
France A55 icon
A61 A62 A71 A72 A75
France A61 icon
A9 - Toulouse
France A62 icon
Toulouse - A630 (Bordeaux)
France A71 icon
A75 (Clermont-F.) - A10 (Bourges)
France A72 icon
A47 - A89
France A75 icon
A9 (Montpellier) - A71 (Clermont-F.)
A81 A83 A84 A89 A104
France A81 icon
Rennes - A11 (Le Mans)
France A83 icon
A10 (La Rochelle) - Nantes
France A84 icon
Rennes - A13
France A89 icon
A72 (Clermont-Ferrand) - A630 (Bordeaux)
France A104 icon
A10/A6 - A1 (Paris)
A311 A630 A837 N12 N165
France A311 icon
France A630 icon
France A837 icon
A10 - La Rochelle
France N12 icon
Rennes - Brest
France N165 icon
Nantes - Brest

Speed limits Edit

The speed limits for France in ETS2 are as follows. Speeds apply to both cars and trucks unless otherwise specified:

  • Highways: 90 km/h for trucks, 130 km/h for cars (reduced to 110 km/h in case of rain, 50 km/h if visibility is inferior to 50m).
  • Minor roads: 80 km/h for vehicles under 3,5 tons, 80 km/h for lorries. 70 km/h is enforced on narrow stretches and near junctions.
  • Cities and Towns: 50 km/h for all traffic. Small towns are often 30 km/h.
  • Tolls: Speeds decrease upon approach, from 70 km/h down to 30 km/h at the toll gates. The exit speed from the toll plaza is at the highway limit.
  • Other areas: Speeds are limited to 70 km/h when approaching or passing the cities of Lille and Reims, amongst other places. Border control areas are limited to 60 km/h around the vicinity of the crossing.
  • Most French cities, such as Roscoff, have radar speed signs which display the vehicle's speed as it passes by, pictured in the game, as well in the same way as in real life.

If you pass them under the limit, they display "MERCI" (Thanks). You will see a "PRUDENCE RALENTIR" (Caution Reduce Speed) message when you pass the sign over the limit.

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