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Gallia Ferries is a ferry company introduced in Vive la France DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

It maintains the ferry connection between Roscoff and Plymouth.

Cargo types Edit

Accepted Provided
Basil Beverages
Chewing Gums Chewing Gums
Chocolate Chocolate
Coconut Milk Clothes
Coconut Oil Coconut Milk
Concentrate Juices Coconut Oil
Corks Concentrate Juices
Dry Milk Flour
Electronics Furniture
Gummy Bears Gummy Bears
Olives Iced Coffee
Paper Limonades
Peas Non-alcoholic Beer
Rice Potatoes
Silica Silica
Soy Milk Soy Milk
Steel Cord Steel Cord
Sugar Tableware
Toys Tyres

Related Companies Edit

Trivia Edit

Gaillia Ferries is based on the real company Brittany Ferries who have services between the UK, France and Spain.

See also Edit

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