The Grand Gift Delivery 2016[1] is a Christmas event held by SCS Software for players of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and / or American Truck Simulator (i.e. truckers). The event started on 20 December 2016 and would last until 15 January 2017[2].

The name of the event is a possible pun on The Great Train Robbery.

Prerequisites Edit

Rules Edit

  1. Pick a job of cargo "Gifts" from the "External Contracts" screen.
  2. Deliver the cargo.
  3. Repeat the previous steps 10 times, but all jobs must have different destination cities.

Every delivery fulfilling the above criteria counts, regardless of fines and damage to the cargo done along the way. In addition, the 10 deliveries can be a mixture of ETS 2 jobs and ATS jobs. As long as each delivery goes to a different city it's OK.

Each trucker's progress is visible on his / her profile page, on the World of Trucks website.

Reward Edit

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

  • 2 Exclusive Paintjobs
  • Front Wheel Hub Cover
  • Rear Wheel Hub Cover
  • Exclusive Dragon Designed Interior Backlight

American Truck Simulator Edit

  • 2 Exclusive Paintjobs
  • Front Wheel Hub Cover
  • Rear Wheel Hub Cover
  • Exclusive Steering Wheel

According to SCS, truckers completing the event would receive DLC product keys for both games' awards, even if they only possess a copy of one of the games.

References Edit

  1. SCS Software, Official event introduction from SCS, 2016-12-20 (accessed 2017-01-04)
  2. SCS Software, Seventy Thousand Keys and Still Going!, 2017-01-04 (accessed 2017-01-04)

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