Hull (short for Kingston-upon Hull) is a seaport on the east coast of England. It is featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2 base game.

Features Edit

There are no industrial depots or independent service facilities in Hull. Its only significant feature is the ferry link to Europoort in the Netherlands. Players with Scandinavia DLC can also take a ferry to Esbjerg, Denmark. Both services are provided by Euro Lines.

Parking spaces are available in the ferry terminal. However, the two ferry trips described above take 11 and 19 hours respectively, allowing truckers can get a full rest, thus rendering the parking spaces more or less redundant.

Road Connections Edit

The only road access into the city is numbered as A63 -- an unusual case in Euro Truck Simulator 2. The A15 road , which all truckers have to follow, turns off the A63, and then spirals over the A63 onto the Humber Bridge before terminating on the A180 / M180 roads near Grimsby.

Hull View

Skyline of Hull

A minor road splits west from the A15 and connects the A1 slightly to the north of the M62 junction.

Trivia Edit

In real life, vehicles exiting Hull on the A63 go directly onto the M62 motorway. However, truckers in the game have to use a short section of A1 as well as a minor road to travel between the M62 and A63.

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