"Italy is a country famous for its cuisine, fashion, art and architecture. It covers an area of 301,338 square km and has a total of 487,700 km of paved roads, 6,700 km of which are motorways. It has both great ski resorts in the Alps and lovely beaches by the sea."
— Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website

Police Italy

Police car

Italy (Italian: Italia) is an accessible country first appearing in Euro Truck Simulator. It is located to the south of the map, and consists of 4 different cities, all of which are in northern italy. The speed limit for trucks is 50km/h in cities, 70km/h on overland roads and 80km/h on highways.

Accessible CitiesEdit

Two Italian cities are featured in Euro Truck Simulator:

Milan Rome
Placeholder Picture
Placeholder Picture

By Euro Truck Simulator 2, Rome is omitted but two other cities (Torino and Verona) are introduced along with Milano. Further east, Venezia is introduced in a free software update.

Milano Torino Verona Venezia
Milano skyline
Verona View
Introduced in version 1.11

Connections Edit

Ten Italian Autostrade are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

A4 A6 A7 A9 A10
Italy A4 icon
Milano – A23
Italy A6 icon
Torino – A10 (Vive la France!)
Italy A7 icon
Milano – A21
Italy A9 icon
Milano – Switzerland
Italy A10 icon
A6 – France (Vive la France!)
A21 A22 A23 A32 A50
Italy A21 icon
Torino – A7
Italy A22 icon
Verona – Austria
Italy A23 icon
A4 – Austria
Italy A32 icon
Torino – France
Italy A50 icon
Milano west
A51 A55
Italy A51 icon
Milano east
Italy A55 icon
Torino ring


  • During Development of Euro Truck Simulator 2, Italy was supposed to have Bologna, Ancona, Genoa and Rome, but due to time constraints they were cut.
    • Italy would likely become the next country to be expanded in a future DLC after France with Vive Le France DLC, and will feature Italy's island Sicilia.
  • In Euro Truck Simulator 2, This is (currently) the only country not to have an accessible capital.

In other LanguagesEdit

Language Name
IT Italian Italia
D German Italien
FR French Italie
ES Spanish Italia
PL Polish Włochy
NL Dutch Italië
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