The Job Market is the central hub for all the cargo deliveries in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.  Jobs are divided into three different types : Quick Jobs, Freight Market and External Contracts (if the player have linked his account with World of Trucks).  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

All jobs that are currently available to the player can be selected as either a quick job, through the freight market or with World of Trucks.  If you find a high-paying job that starts in a far away city, you can drive all the way there and take the job yourself, or you can just select it in quick job and you'll be teleport there immediately.

Quick JobsEdit

Quick Job

Quick Job selection, where you see the truck, route, cargo, and other delivery details.

In the Quick Jobs section the player works as a driver-for-hire.  You are presented with a variety of cargo options based on your XP level and the skills you have acquired.  When you take a quick job, you are immediately teleported into a new truck and your cargo is already hooked up and ready to go, just turn the key and drive.  All your expenses along the way are paid by the employer.  This includes fuel, tolls, and fares, but does NOT include personal fines such as red light and speeding offenses.

The player won't be able to customize the truck he is driving, because it isn't his truck.

Freight MarketEdit

The Freight Market is the way to select jobs if you want to work with your own truck (The company doesn't provide it.).  This comes with many benefits and some drawbacks. 

The main benefit is, of course, more money !  Taking a job through the freight market yields a higher profit. On the down side, you do have to pay for your own fuel, motorway tolls, and ferry/train rides.  The higher pay greatly outweighs these expenses in most cases.  The other benefit is that you obviously use your own truck.

Freight Market

The freight market screen. Similar to quick job, but the image is of the cargo rather than of the truck.

When you select a job through the freight market, instead of being teleport, the pickup location will be marked on your GPS.  Once you arrive at the business, stop in the green marker and you will be able to select your desired job.  Once you have done this, your trailer will be marked on the map and in-world.  You must reverse to the trailer and couple to it (Default key "T") before you can set off toward your destination.  Once you're hooked up, everything is the same as for a quick job.

Only trailer damage will count against your pay when working with your own truck, but remember that you will have to repair cab damage at your own expense later.

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