Köln (en: Cologne) is a city in western Germany, featured in German Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. It is the southernmost of the three-city chain in both games, with Düsseldorf and Duisburg being the other two cities in the chain. In addition, Dortmund and the Belgian city Liège are also very close to Köln.

Landmarks Edit

The known landmarks of Köln are its famous Cathedral, the Cologne Tower, the Colonius TV tower, the Great St. Martin Church, the Kölntriangle and the Lanxess Tower. In addition, there are three bridges crossing the Rhine in Köln, of which only the Rodenkirchen Bridge is accessible in the games. The other two are the Severin Bridge and the South Bridge.

Features Edit

Köln only houses depots of ITCC and Posped; meanwhile a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency and a service shop are present in Köln.

Connections Edit

The Bundesautobahn 4 passes the city to the south. To the west truckers may cross the Belgian border and reach Liège, or go north via the Bundesautobahn 61 towards the Dutch border. To the east the autobahn meets the Bundesautobahn 45, which links Osnabrück and Frankfurt am Main.

Several minor roads connects Köln to nearby cities:

  • Two minor roads go north, one entering Düsseldorf while the other runs parallel to A4 and A45 until the access road to Duisburg.
  • One minor road goes south and splits into two after running for a short distance. One goes to Mannheim and the other joins the A45 towards Frankfurt am Main.

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