København (Copenhagen) is the capital of Denmark. Along with 6 other Danish cities, it is introduced in the Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia DLC.

Features Edit

The city is divided into two parts.

The western part is where industrial companies are located. BHV, IKA, Norrfood and Renar Logistik have depots in this part of the city, and a large Iveco truck dealer (with service shop) is also located there.

The eastern part is closer to the city centre, and thus mainly houses facilities. A Konstnorr construction site is located there, along with a bus station, a garage, a hotel and a recruitment agency.

Connections Edit

The E20 Euroroute provides the primary access to København. As the city is situated on an island, the highway is routed through sea crossings on both sides of the city.

Specifically, the Øresund Bridge is to the east, connecting the city (and the country) with Sweden; while the Great Belt Fixed Link, tunnel part of which surfaces near København, is to the west.

Between the Great Belt Fixed Link and the access road into København, the E47 Euroroute branches south towards Gedser, where a ferry service is available towards Rostock, Germany.

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