Kassel is a city in central Germany. It is one of the three German cities introduced only in Euro Truck Simulator 2, without appearing in earlier SCS truck simulator games (the other two are Mannheim and Osnabrück).

Landmarks Edit

The known landmarks of Kassel are the Fernmeldeturm Habichtswald, the Fulda river, the Herkules, the Lutherkirche and the Martinskirche.

Features Edit

The city is lightly industrialized, with only BCP and Tradeaux having depots there. Usual structures like the garage, hotel and service shop are present in the city, as well as a recruitment agency.

Connections Edit

The Bundesautobahn 7 (A7) is the city's primary connection. A minor road goes west from Kassel towards Dortmund, while another branches off the A7 and goes east towards Leipzig and Dresden.

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