Katowice is a city in Poland, introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Going East. This city, along with Kraków to the east and Ostrava (Czech) to the southwest, forms the densest city group in the expansion.

Features Edit

Posped and Stokes have depots in the city, while a TREE-ET mill and a Stein Bruch quarry is to the west and east of the city respectively.

A bus station, a garage, a hotel and a service shop are available in the city.

Connections Edit

The city is close to the junction between Droga krajowa 1 (Road 1) and the A4 Autostrada.

Along the Road 1, truckers can access Łódź to the north, or the Czech city Ostrava to the southwest. If truckers follow the A4 Autostrada, Kraków is the next city to the east, while Wrocław is the closest city to the northwest.

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