ETS2 Achievement Landmark Tour

Landmark Tour is a Steam achievement for Euro Truck Simulator 2 which is only available with Vive la France DLC. The official description of the achievement is:

"Discover following landmarks of France: Carcassonne, Brotonne bridge, Tiger tank, Peyrat-le-Château, Château de Ventadour, Château d'Ussé"

Locations Edit

As the description says you have to pass these 6 landmarks in France:

Landmark Location Image
Carcassonne Autoroute A61 between Toulouse and Montpellier
Brotonne bridge Minor road to the east of Le Havre
Brotonne bridge
Tiger tank Minor road between Le Havre and Le Mans
Tiger tank
Peyrat-le-Château Minor road to the east of Limoges
Château de Ventadour Minor road connecting Autoroute A75 and Autoroute A7
Château de Ventadour
Château d'Ussé Minor road between Nantes and Saint-Laurent (Rigny-Ussé)
Château d'Ussé

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