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This page specifies the basic layouts for common contents and pages.

We understand that it's not always easy to obtain all useful information, therefore you may create a page with only the most necessary information obtained. However, blank pages are not encouraged for this Wiki and would be marked for deletion.

General Edit

  • Try to use maps or screenshots without game-mods, unless, of course, you are writing something about a modded content.
  • Keep real-life information out unless it's important to gameplay or can be compared to in-game feature. Always use a Wikipedia link to direct readers for real-life information.
    • Wikipedia links start with the string ":wikipedia".
    • If you use source mode in classical editor, the format is [[:wikipedia:<page name>|Link text]]

Games Edit

(To be added)

Lists Edit

(To be added)

Game Concepts and Settings Edit

(To be added)

Cities, Seaports, Countries and States Edit

  • Use the {{Infobox location}} template to fill-in basic information:
    • Specify the type of the location (i.e. whether it's a City (with garage & companies), Town (without garage, with companies), Village (without garage & companies), Seaport, State or Country)
    • Specify the games the location is featured in.
    • Connections / neighbouring cities or countries
    • Speed limits for trucks (countries)
  • Prepare at least one image, preferably an "entrance", a "view" or a "map" image.
    • City or seaport entrances are where the name sign is, and/or where the "urban" speed limit is enforced. It's better if you can capture the city's landmarks at the entrance (take Uppsala as an example), but not necessary.
    • For countries or states, an "entrance" means a view at their border crossings. The best example as of the time of writing is Switzerland.
    • Optionally, if the country has a Paint Job Pack, you may add a photo of a truck using one of those Paint Jobs.
    • For maps, take screenshots using the World map. For large locations (e.g. big countries), you may need to combine images using imaging softwares, though Windows Paintbrush is usually enough.
  • For cities, a simple list of companies / depots and facilities is enough.
  • If possible, search for landmarks in the cities/countries, and list them.
  • Try to keep only in-game information:
    • "Also Known As" is for signs having another language. For example, Szczecin is known as "Stettin" on in-game German signs, so putting "Stettin" there is justified. There's no need to put every translated name into the field.
    • "Twinned Cities" are strongly discouraged because the game makes no reference on them.

Roads Edit

  • Use the {{Infobox Road}} template to fill-in basic information:
    • Add the symbol of the road to "icon". Use the one in Category:Road icons, if contained. If not, use the one on the road's real-life Wikipedia webpage.
    • Add an image of the road (for example, at the border or at a landmark), and a map. Take more screenshots and combine them with Paint, if the road is too long. Add them as a gallery.
    • Name the type of the road, using the definitons Motorway (two/three lanes in each direction with hard shoulder), Highway (two/three in each direction lanes without hard shoulder), Road (one lane in at least one direction) and City Road (roads in a city without considering lanes).
    • Add the length of the road and the speed limit. Add both metric and English values, however, put English values in brackets.
    • Add each junction and exit on the motorway, marking their distance from the beginning point.

Companies Edit

  • Use the {{Infobox Company}} template to fill-in basic information.
    • Include logo, photo, featuring games, industries and number of depots in the game.
  • Many Euro Truck Simulator companies appear in both ETS 1 and ETS 2. Collect logos from both games if possible.
  • Image(s) for depot(s), trailer(s) are appreciated.

Facilities Edit

  • List the game(s) featuring the facilities.
  • For each game, write at least a brief description on the facility.
  • Make comparisons between different games if necessary.

Landmarks Edit

  • Make sure it's just a standalone building structure. Towns or villages should follow the guideline for cities above.
  • Use the {{Infobox location}} template to fill-in basic information.
    • Specify the type of the location as "Landmark".
    • Specify the "Game"
    • Specify the "Nearest accessible city".
    • For "Connections", fill in the nearest road, pier, etc; or "N/A" if it's visible from a settlement (a.k.a. "Nearest accessible city")

Trucks and Truck Brands Edit

(To be added)

Mods Edit

(To be added)

(Old version kept below)

Countries Edit

  • Basic information, size, neighbors, speed limit, info template
  • Accessible cities: ideally as table
  • Highways: ideally as table
  • (Trivia)
  • Countries template

Cities Edit

  • Basic Information, location, Landmarks, screenshots
  • Depots: companies where the Player gets his jobs
  • Other: garage, truck dealer, recruitment agency, etc.

If the name of the city has non standard letters (e.g. München) please create a redirect from the version with only standard letters (e.g. Munchen). Also create a redirect if the name is different in English (e.g. Munich). To create a redirect simple create a new page with "#redirect xyz".

Companies Edit

  • Basic information: industry, area of operation, company logo or other image of trailer etc.
  • (Description: more detailed description of depots etc.)
  • Cargo Types Accepted (list can be obtained from the def files)
  • Cargo Types Produced (list can be obtained from the def files)
  • Depot Locations (or 'Quarry Locations', 'Store Locations' as appropriate; full list of cities can be obtained from the def files; cities to be linked to city pages)
  • Related Companies (companies in same industry with links to their respective pages)
  • (Trivia)
  • (Gallery)

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