Le Mans is a city located in France, introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2 through the Vive la France DLC.

Features Edit

Le Mans proper Edit

Le Mans proper is situated near the Autoroute A11 near its junctions with Autoroutes A28 and A81 respectively. Only one entrance is available to the city proper, but it's one of the fastest – truckers are allowed to drive at 90 km/h (56 mph) after they have passed the entrance sign.

Bâtisse, BHV, Lisette Logistics and Wilnet Transport have depots in Le Mans proper. Other structures available in Le Mans include a bus station, a garage, a gas station, a hotel, and a large Iveco truck dealer.

Outlying depots Edit

Three depots are located outside Le Mans but recognized in the game as belonging to the city:

Connections Edit

The only entrance to Le Mans proper is on the Autoroute A11, which connects the city to Paris in the east or Nantes to the west.

Two other Autoroutes meet the A11 near Le Mans:

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