Linköping is a city in Sweden, introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia.

Features Edit

The city is the first major settlement along the E4 Euroroute south of the Stockholm conurbation (which includes Södertälje and Nynäshamn) in the game, and houses 8 depots from 7 companies, including:

Facilities available in the city include a bus station, a garage, a hotel, a service shop, and a small MAN truck dealer. In addition, on the approach road to the east of the city there's a gas station.

Connections Edit

As described earlier in the article, the E4 Euroroute is the main highway passing through Linköping. To the north truckers can access Stockholm, Södertälje and Nynäshamn; while Jönköping is the next settlement to the south.

The eastern approach road off the E4 doesn't enter Linköping directly, and instead continues to the south until a road interchange where truckers are guided to follow the E22 Euroroute towards Kalmar.

The western approach road from Linköping passes over the E4, runs past a Konstnorr outpost and Nordic Stenbrott mine, before meeting the E20 Euroroute near Örebro.

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