Liverpool is a British city featured in UK Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. While being one of the country's most important ports, it's not featured in the first Euro Truck Simulator series, possibly because of its proximity to Manchester, which was featured.

Features Edit

Euro Goodies, NBFC and Trameri have depots in Liverpool, while an eAcres farm is situated to the southwest of the city.

Facilities present in Liverpool include a bus station, a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency, and a service shop.

Connections Edit

Just like other cities in northwestern England, the M6 motorway is the most important connection to Liverpool, and one of Liverpool's access roads intersects the M6 directly.

Another motorway, the M56, branches off the M6 south of Liverpool, and the other access road to Liverpool starts from the M56. West of the junction, the M56 becomes the M53, which is in turn taken over by the lower standard A483 road further south. The A483 road continues along Welsh territory to a point near Swansea.

The lack of settlements in that part of the game map means that Liverpool is written onto signs near the terminus of M4, effectively at the other corner of Wales.

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