London is the capital of United Kingdom. The first game featuring the city was Euro Truck Simulator (Gold Edition), which introduces London along with Manchester and Newcastle. Subsequently, UK Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 also included London, and it is one of the most important featured cities.

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In ETS 1, EuroGoodies, SellPlan and Stokes have depots in London. Among them, SellPlan only accepts cargo doesn't give out any. It's also the only company to stay in London by ETS 2. NBFC, Posped and Sanbuilders are the companies with outposts in ETS 2 London.

There's a general truck dealer in ETS 1 London, meaning that truckers starting their career in UK would find themselves in London. In ETS 2, London is also abundant in facilities, including a bus station, a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency, and a large Volvo truck dealer (with servicing facilities integrated).

Connections Edit

In ETS 1, there are three motorways appearing around London:

  • The M1 goes north towards Manchester and Newcastle, the two other English cities featured in ETS 1. (Contrary to real-life, the M1 goes all the way to Newcastle)
  • The M20 connects London to Port of Dover, and thence continental Europe.
  • The motorway between the two access roads into London is numbered M25.

In UKTS, the M25 becomes a full circle surrounding London, and provides the only outlet for London traffic – both of the city's connectors end on the M25. In addition, the following roads radiate from the M25 to connect other UK cities:

  • The M1 goes north towards Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, etc.
  • The M2 replaces the M20 as the connection towards Dover.
  • The M3 goes southwest towards Southampton. It's also the way to Plymouth, the south-westernmost British city featured in the game.
  • The M4 goes west into Wales. Cardiff and Swansea are the destinations of this motorway.
  • The M11 goes northeast towards Cambridge. Truckers going to Grimsby might also find this way better than following the M1.
  • The A12 goes east-northeast towards Felixstowe.

This stay pretty much the same in ETS 2, except that two connection roads are added to the south, with one of them directly continues from the M2 after its interchange with the M25, while the other follows its two older siblings by ending on the M25.

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