The M0 motorway in Hungary is the orbital motorway around Budapest, featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Going East DLC.

Just like its real-life counterpart, the motorway does not fully encircle the city, with the western section covered by a minor road.

Notable Differences with Real Life Edit

  1. In real life, the M2 motorway starts from a grade-separated junction with the M0 to the north. In the game, the interchange is simply a flat junction, and the northbound road is unnumbered. This is probably because the motorway was not yet open when the expansion was released.
  2. In real life, the M0 does not directly become the M1 in the southwestern end. In the game, it does.
  3. In real life, the M31 motorway exists as a shortcut between the M3 and the southern side of M0. It doesn't appear in the game.
  4. In real life, the M6 motorway starts directly on the M0 instead of branching from the M7.
  5. There are three services on the M0 in real life. Only the easternmost one is included in the game.
  6. While both the motorway in game and the real-life motorway are incomplete, the length of the motorway in game is the same as the (proposed) complete motorway in real-life.

See Also Edit

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