Manchester is a city located in the United Kingdom. It's one of the only seven cities[1] to have been featured in three or more "Truck Simulator" games. For Manchester (as well as London and Newcastle), the three games in concern are Euro Truck Simulator (Gold Edition), UK Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

In-Game History Edit

The city was first introduced in Euro Truck Simulator Gold Edition, and is the middle of the three British cities featured in the game. Manchester is the northernmost city producing ADR cargo (depots in Newcastle only accept them). Therefore the city is important for truckers looking for profitable jobs.

In UK Truck Simulator, with the map expanded, Manchester gained new neighbours: Liverpool and Sheffield. This remains the case in Euro Truck Simulator 2, where the British part of the game map is derived from the UKTS map. One of the main new features introduced in ETS 2 is the port facilities. To truckers going to / from Manchester, this means faster runs to the European continent via the port of Hull.

Features Edit

In ETS 1, BCP, EuroGoodies and Sanbuilders have depots in Manchester, but only the former two offer cargoes for truckers. The only facility in the city is a service shop.

In ETS 2, FCP, LKW and WGCC are in Manchester instead, with a TREE-ET mill just to the west of the city. In addition, more facilities are available to truckers, including a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency, and a large Scania truck dealer (with service shop integrated).

Connections Edit

For all three games featuring Manchester, the M62forms the main access to Manchester, although the M6 nearby also plays an important role.

In ETS 1, the M6 from the south terminates near Manchester and the M62 takes over to the east until meeting the M1, which continues from the M62 and heads towards Newcastle.

In UKTS and ETS 2, Manchester is only connected to the M62, which forms a vital east-west link between the M1 and M6. Furthermore, the highway north of the eastern end of M62 becomes the A1, a more accurate simulation of real-life.

Notes Edit

  1. The other six are London, Newcastle, Berlin, Frankfurt, München and Wien

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