Milano is a city in Euro Truck Simulator 2. It is one of the four cities in Italy. Milano is a noticeably large city, with many depots and a large Scania dealer. The main feature is the Central Station of Milano, which was fully implemented by SCS and can be viewed on the right of the page.

Landmarks Edit

The known landmarks in Milano are the Breda Tower, the Cathedral, the Centrale railway station, the Galfa Tower, the Malpensa Airport, the Palazzo Lombardia, the Pirelli Tower, the San Siro Stadium and the Velasca Tower. There are four other towers, which are not identifiable.


There are an ITCC, a Transinet and a FCP depot in the city and a Sanbuilders construction area can be found there, too. An TREE-ET-sawmill is east of the city, just outside the ring road.

Facilities in Milano are a large Scania truck dealer (with servicing area), a garage, a hotel and a recruitment agency.

Connections Edit

Milano is surrounded by a ring road, which is composite of three Autostrade: A50, A51 and A4. The A4 als connects Milano with Venezia and Verona and it is connected with the A9, wich runs towards Switzerland. From A50 truckers can get on A7, which connects Milano with Torino. The minor road, where you can find the TREE-ET-sawmill, runs to Torino, too.

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