As for most of SCS Software games, players can implement mods (short for modifications) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator. This page lists the most common modding sites and the most active mods available for ETS2 & ATS.

Popular Mod Sites in Euro Truck Simulator 2Edit

Popular Mod Sites in American Truck SimulatorEdit

Recommended modsEdit

Mods that add extra locations/countries/routesEdit

Note: These mods may require you to start a new profile, or prevent you removing the mod if you open an existing profile with the mod installed. Back up your profile before installing!

Map Name Coutries added / edited Cities added / edited Map Version Game Version Download
EAA Bus Map Brazil xxx v4.4.3 1.28.x EAA Youtube
Hungary Map Hungary 70 v0.9.28a 1.27.x SCS Forum

Fix for

Italy Map Italy 35 v2.0 1.27.x Promods Forum
MHAPro 17 210 v1.28 1.28Beta MHAPro
Project Balkans

Italia Slovenia Croatia BiH  Serbia Hungary Romania

12 v2.5 1.27.x Promods Forum
Promods xxx xxx v2.17 1.27.x Promods
Puno Peru Peru xxx v1.5 1.27.x Blogspot



50 v1.7.3 1.27.x Promods Forum
Southern Region Russia xxx v6.5.2 1.27.x / 1.28Beta SCS Forum
The Dutch Map Netherlands xxx v1.4


The Great Steppe Kazakhstan xxx v1.0 1.28.x Promods Forum
TruckSim Map xxx xxx v6.x 1.27.x TruckSim Forum

How to install Mods Edit

Download any mod you want to install, next copy-paste the downloaded mod to the Euro Truck Simulator 2\mods folder and then open the Mod Manager, which is located at the profiles menu of the game. Click the right arrow button at the center to enable your mod. Then confirm your changes.