ETS2 Achievement National company

National Company is a Steam achievement for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

To unlock it, the player must own all garages in the country where the "headquarter" is.

Analysis Edit

The "headquarter" is defined by the garage where the player's avatar driver (i.e. the profile character) is assigned. Usually it is the start-up garage when a player creates a new profile, but the player may also "re-locate" the avatar driver to any other purchased garage.

In an unmodded Euro Truck Simulator 2 game map, almost every accessible city – except dedicated seaports – has a garage for sale. While a start-up garage is free, any additional garage costs €180,000 to buy.

Unlocking Edit

To unlock this achievement in ease, the player can either start a profile in a single-city country, or buy the garage in such a country and re-locate the avatar driver there.

Trivia Edit

For the base game, the highest cost to unlock this achievement is obtained by starting a profile somewhere else, and then buy every garage in Germany, which has 21 accessible cities. After that, re-locate the avatar driver to any German garage to unlock this achievement.

The total cost to do this is:

€180,000 × 21 = €3,780,000

If the player has a weekly income of this amount, the Swimming in Success achievement will probably be unlocked as well:

€3,780,000 ÷ 7 = €540,000 > €450,000

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