"Only about half of the Netherlands 41,543 square km area exceeds one metre above sea level. The total road network of the Netherlands has 139,295 km, including 2,758 km of expressways. Amsterdam, the capital city, is famous for its nightlife and numerous festivals."
— Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website

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In game map of Netherlands

The Netherlands is an accessible country first appearing in Euro Truck Simulator. It is characterised by it's mostly flat terrain (sometimes even below sea level).

The Netherlands borders Belgium to the south, Germany to the east, and (as in Euro Truck Simulator 2) has ferry connections to United Kingdom. Many players use the Netherlands to travel between the UK and Germany.

While windmills can be found almost everywhere on the ETS2 map, the windmills in Netherlands are rendered in unique Dutch style. Another unique feature to the country is a highway over a dike, which is part of the A7 between Amsterdam and Groningen.

Accessible Cities Edit

The capital, Amsterdam, is the only Dutch city included in the original Euro Truck Simulator.

For Euro Truck Simulator 2, there are three accessible cities and two seaports in Netherlands:

Amsterdam Groningen Rotterdam
Amsterdam ETS1 view
Host city of IJmuiden
Groningen streetview Rotterdam entrance
Host city of Europoort
IJmuiden Europoort
IJmuiden ferry exit
Ferry to Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Europoort seafront
Ferry to Harwich and Hull

Highways (Autosnelweg) Edit

Three Autosnelwegen are featured in the original Euro Truck Simulator:

A1 A16 A50
Netherlands A1 ets1 icon
Amsterdam – Germany (Berlin)
Netherlands A16 ets1 icon
Amsterdam – Belgium
Netherlands A50 ets1 icon
A1 – Germany (Frankfurt)

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, the number of featured Autonelwegen increased to nine:

A1 A4 A7
Netherlands A1 icon
Amsterdam – Germany (A30)
Netherlands A4 icon
Amsterdam – Rotterdam
Netherlands A7 icon
Amsterdam – Groningen
A9 A10 A15
Netherlands A9 icon
IJmuiden link
Netherlands A10 icon
Amsterdam ring
Netherlands A15 icon
Europoort link
A16 A50 A73
Netherlands A16 icon
Rotterdam – Brussels
Netherlands A50 icon
A1 – A73
Netherlands A73 icon
A50 – Germany (A4)
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