"It's time to lift the veil now and show you the next step in ATS world development. Oregon, the Beaver State, will be the new addition.
Extensive deep forests, dense shrublands, deep calm lakes, wide rivers, steep mountain ranges, volcanoes, high desert and the Pacific Ocean's coastline. All stacked onto territory just a little larger than the United Kingdom!
— Official American Truck Simulator Website

Oregon is an upcoming state DLC for SCS Software's American Truck Simulator. It was announced on February 1, 2018 to celebrate the game's second anniversary. This will be the second paid map DLC. It is set to be released during Quarter 4 of 2018. In the stream on 27 June 2018, SCS said that most of the features should be complete by the end of summer. During September, they should be finishing up Oregon. The date of release might range from mid-September to mid-October.

Release History Edit

  • 7 November 2017: Blog post about road signs. The last picture depicts a freeway exit in Oregon.[1]
  • 19 January 2018: Blog post which teases Oregon with screenshots.[2]
  • 1 February 2018: First official blog post confirming Oregon will be the next state.[3]
  • 8 March 2018: Blog post about shipyard industry.[4]
  • 24 April 2018: Blog post about US Route 101.[5]
  • 11 May 2018: Blog post about truck stops.[6]
  • 30 May 2018: KRONE visits SCS Software video released showing Astoria, OR being developed in the first half of the video.
  • 1 June 2018: Blog post about Oregon nature.[7]
  • 27 June 2018: Live stream about American Truck Simulator. Three videos are shown, each featuring a cargo delivery in Oregon. The videos are later uploaded to the SCS Software Youtube channel.[8][9][10]
  • 3 July 2018: Blog post about the three in-game Oregon videos uploaded to the SCS Software Youtube channel.[11]
  • 13 July 2018: Blog post about the wood production chain.[12]

Geography Edit

Oregon is on the west coast of the United States south of Washington State and north of California and Nevada. To the west is the Pacific Ocean and to the east is Idaho. The state is separated from Washington by the Columbia River for much of the border.

The state is most easily divided from east to west. The western portion is mostly lush forested land with the Willamette Valley taking up much of the state's population. The Oregon coast is known for its rugged coast line and large amounts of rain. The largest city in the state by population is Portland, located along the border with Washington.

The Cascade Range, which stretches from Washington to California, splits the state from west to east.

The eastern portion is dry scrubland that varies to desert the closer one gets to Nevada and parts of Idaho.

Cities Edit

At this moment, 11 cities in Oregon are confirmed:

City name Image Games Truck Dealer Garage ATS Facilities ATS Depots Remarks
Astoria ATS Oregon
Bend ATS Oregon 2+
ATS Oregon Gas ico 3
Eugene ATS Oregon
Klamath Falls ATS Oregon
Medford ATS Oregon
ATS Oregon Gas icoParking icoRecruitment icoService 5
ATS Oregon 1+
Portland ATS Oregon 1+
Salem ATS Oregon Capital City
The Dalles
Oregon Blog 08
ATS Oregon 1+

Scenery Towns Edit

Scenery towns are cities or communities that are unmarked on the map and have no depots or docks. At this moment, 7 are confirmed:

Companies Edit

Main article: American Truck Simulator Companies

Many new industries like logging or furniture are introduced with this new DLC.

Logging Edit

With the new DLC, truckers to be able to deliver the whole "chain" of a log's manufacturing.

"And hopefully, with Oregon, we are bringing a new feature - in kinda chains. As there is a huge forestry industry, we kinda want to implement the whole chain of getting the lumber and moving it to the lumber factories and moving the furniture from the factories. We want to implement some more natural flow of the cargo that should come with Oregon as well."[13]

Logging Companies: Edit

Shipyard Commerce Center Edit

An example of a real life facility prefab created for the DLC is the Shipyard Commerce Center in Portland:

Other New Companies Edit

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Rest Stops Edit

The Oregon Map Expansion features many truck stops that are recreated from ones in real life.

Roads Edit

There are three Interstate Highways in Oregon:

Interstate 5 Interstate 84 Interstate 105

Interstate 405

Interstate 5 icon
California - Washington
Is 84 icon
Portland (I-5) - Ontario
Is 105 icon
Is 405 icon

There are eight US Highways in Oregon:

US 20 US 30 US 95 US 97
Us 20 shield
US 101 - OR 201
Us 30 shield
Astoria (US 101) - Ontario
Us 95 shield
Nevada - Idaho
Us 97 icon
California - Interstate 84/US 30
US 101 US 197 US 199 US 395
Us 101 shield
California - Astoria (US 30)
US 197 shield
US 97 - The Dalles (I-84/US 30)
Us 199 shield
California - Interstate 5
Us 395 shield
California - Pendleton (Interstate 84)

There are ten Oregon Routes in Oregon:

OR 22 OR 34 OR 39 OR 62 OR 78
Or 22 icon
US 101 - US 20
Or 34 icon
Or 39 icon
Klamath Falls - California
Or 62 icon
Interstate 5 - US 97
OR 78 shield
Burns (US 20/US 395) - US 95
OR 99 OR 126 OR 201 OR 213 OR 569
Or 99 icon
Various Cities
Or 126 icon
Eugene or US 101 - US 20
Or 201 icon
US 20 - Interstate 84 (Ontario)
Or 213 icon
Or 569 icon

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Scenery Towns: Biggs Junction

Highways Interstate 5 - Interstate 84 - Interstate 105 - Interstate 405
US 20 - US 30 - US 95 - US 97 - US 101 - US 197 - US 199 - US 395
OR 126

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