Paris is located in northern France, and it is the capital of the country. It is the smallest part of the Paris Metropolitan Area, which is summarized as Paris in job menus in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Landmarks Edit

Although it is the smallest part of Paris (counted on accessible streets and companies) it features the most landmarks. Truckers can visit there the Bercy 2 Commercial Center, the Centre Commercial Bel Est, the Novotel Hotel, the Ibis Budget Hotel, the Les Mercuriales towers, the Seine river, the Tour Eastview and the Tour Gallieni 2.

Features Edit

The accessible city centre of Paris is very small in ETS2 and features only a Bâtisse construction area, a recruitment agency and a bus station.

Connections Edit

The city centre of Paris is connected to the other city parts Gonesse and Poissy by the Autoroute A1. The Autoroute A3 leaves the city to the southwest and turns into the Autoroute A4 which runs towards Strasbourg via Reims and Metz.

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