Plymouth is a city in southwestern United Kingdom, featured in UK Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. It is at the southwestern corner of the country's map.

Plymouth is the westernmost city in UKTS, as well as ETS 2 before the release of Vive la France DLC (upon which Brest takes the place instead).

Like other British cities, Plymouth in the game features several roundabouts. In fact, only its main entrance is a signal-controlled junction.

Companies and Facilities Edit

Euro Goodies, Stokes and Trameri have depots in the game, while an eAcres farm is to the northwest, off the entrance into the city.

There's a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency, a service shop, and a small Mercedes-Benz truck dealer in the city.

Connections Edit

The A38 road is the only access to the city. To the north, the M5 motorway takes over and continues towards Birmingham.

The A30 road branches off the M5 near its southern end. This road, together with the A35 and A31 roads, forms the eastbound connection from Plymouth towards Southampton, and thence London and Dover.

A ferry between Plymouth and Roscoff, France is introduced with the Vive la France DLC. This makes Plymouth one of the only two non-French cities (along side Torino) modified because of the expansion.

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