Rostock is a city in northern Germany, featured in German Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Features Edit

Three companies have depots in Rostock: ITCC, SellPlan and Tradeaux. Their depots are next to each other, meaning truckers delivering cargo to any of them can find their destination easily.

A bus station is at the eastern approach of the city, while a garage, a hotel, a service shop and a small Renault truck dealer are all on the northern main road.

Connections Edit

Bundesautobahnen 19 (A19) and 20 (A20) meet near Rostock. The A19 brings truckers to Berlin and other settlements to the south; while the A20 leads truckers to the west, with Bundesautobahn 1 taking over after a short distance. Hamburg is the next city to the west.

A minor road runs east from Rostock to Bundesautobahn 11, which crosses the German-Polish border to reach Szczecin.

Port of Rostock Edit

With the release of Scandinavia DLC, seaport facilities are added north of Rostock, making the city become one of the most important access points to the new destinations. If a trucker does not have the Going East DLC enabled, Rostock is, in fact, the easternmost access point towards Scandinavia.

Two ferry services are available at Rostock. One heads for Gedser, Denmark while the other goes to Trelleborg, Sweden.

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